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Giants, Cardinals submit Giancarlo Stanton trade offers, Red Sox likely next

The wait is over, as teams are finally making actual offers for Giancarlo Stanton.

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Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We’ve gone from discussing whether Giancarlo Stanton will be traded to figuring out the teams that have a serious interest in him to finally hearing about trade offers. It’s been a long first few months of new ownership for the Marlins, but don’t worry, Derek Jeter still hasn’t said a word to Stanton about any of this.

The Giants have made a formal offer, according to Ken Rosenthal, and word has even leaked out about which players are reportedly included.

To add some additional intrigue, Rosenthal reported that the Giants were concerned about the luxury tax implications of acquiring Stanton — he’s owed $295 million on a deal where the average annual value is $25 million — so there would be a high-priced player heading to Miami or in a second deal. If that Rosenthal report and the above trade scenario are both true, that means we’re going to see that second deal, as there is no high-priced player leaving the Giants in the reported offer.

The Giants aren’t the only team to make an offer on Stanton, as the Cardinals have also done so, according to Jon Morosi. Unlike the Giants, the Cardinals have room under the luxury tax to add Stanton, and also have the prospects and youth to pay whatever price Miami is asking. Given what the Giants went with for their own offer, the cost in prospects might not be all that high, however, so it could all just come down to Stanton’s preference. Given he has a full no-trade, it already does, anyway.

The Red Sox are expected to be the next team to throw a Stanton offer out there, which would keep them above the luxury tax threshold. Given they view Stanton as the final piece of the puzzle, as they have won the AL East two years in a row and are in need of more power, that’s not likely to be an issue for them. They don’t have the prospect power of the Cardinals, not with all of the trades and major promotions of the last few years, but with the relative youth in the lineup, they can afford to cash in some more in order to get Stanton. Especially if the Giants’ offer implies what the prospect cost is.