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Andrew McCutchen’s new baby is named Steel. Yes, Steel

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That might get awkward if he’s traded.

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen happily announced he had a new son on Instagram Wednesday, complete with all of the loving details — born on November 27th at 3:21 a.m., weighing 8lbs and 15 oz.

In the Instagram post, he said,

Steel Stefan McCutchen born 11/27/17 at 3:21 AM. 8lbs 15oz. I am so thankful for a healthy baby and wife. Watching my wife go thru this journey has made me appreciate,respect and love her even more than I already do. She literally is Superwoman in my eyes. Now, here lays my son. Seeing you for the first time is something I cannot put into words. I am already a proud daddy! Thank you God for giving me the gift of a baby boy!Okay I gotta go and stare at him some more☺️

There’s just one thing that is unique about this adorable baby ... his name is Steel.

Yes, Steel Stefan McCutchen. As in a reference to the Rust Belt as in Pittsburgh where Cutch plays baseball.

Without context, it’s a super cute name. Different, and this baby better grow up to be a little bit of a tough guy, but cute!

The one worrisome aspect is that Cutch is now popping up in trade talks with the Giants, and probably another team or two we don’t know about.

So it might be a little awkward for McCutchen to explain his son’s namesake 10 years down the road and have to include “Well, I did get traded the next week. But it was a good gesture while I was still on the team!”

Either way, it’s a nice name, and a nice nod to the city of Pittsburgh (or another inspiration, because it may not even be about the city!) whether or not he’s still wearing that uniform in a week or in four months.