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Astros parade 2017 live updates: Highlights from Houston celebrating a World Series title

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The Astros are World Series champs for the first time, and they’re celebrating with the fans.

Houston Astros Victory Parade Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday, giving them their first-ever championship in their 56-year history. Now, on Friday afternoon, Houston celebrates along with its baseball team, as the championship parade rolls through the city.

You can watch the parade itself here...

...and follow along for highlights from fans and media in attendance, too.

I know what that is supposed to be, but... what is this thing supposed to be?


Can’t get enough of the parade in Houston? Live in Orlando? Well here’s some news for you:

Orbit is here, and somehow still has a jersey on.

Not everyone had to wait 56 years for the Astros’ first World Series championship!

Now this teacher knows how to handle an Astros’ parade, unlike that stuffy professor from before.

The Astros’ parade was extended because of the number of people who showed up to see it, and the way to counter the extra distance was apparently for the vehicles carrying the team to drive fast enough for multiple tweets to comment on. Slow down, y’all!

That frightening head float from before is much worse in motion.

Good dog.

Looks like this won’t be the last parade for a few Astros, as there’s going to be one at Disney too for George Springer, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Correa.

Houston’s own Travis Scott is on the scene to celebrate too.

The team, and the big shiny trophy they just won, are riding on a pretty nice fire truck.

Fans are also spraying water everywhere because it’s 86 degrees in Houston, which is fair and probably appreciated by everybody standing out there. As opposed to what it would have been like in, say, Minnesota at this point where spraying water could have caused a long term illness or two.


If you can’t have a dance party when the Astros win the World Series, then when can you?

Another look at that trophy. Hold it high, Bregman!

@astrosbaseball on #Parade

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ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, a Houston native, performed the national anthem for the crowds.

World Series MVP George Springer gave a speech to the crowds as well, because what’s a good parade without a rousing speech by the star of the series?

Correa also did an overhead lift of the trophy.

Drink it all in, Astros fans. And congrats!