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Shohei Ohtani’s move to MLB gets closer as MLBPA reportedly sets up meeting with his agents

The important parties in the situation are finally sitting down to talk.

Shohei Ohtani’s potential move to MLB hasn’t been without its speed bumps. There’s that whole thing where there isn’t a posting system agreement between MLB and Nippon Professional Baseball that’s active right now, Ohtani didn’t have representation until recently, and he’s a few years ahead of schedule when it comes to his actual free agency eligibility.

But things are heating up with Ohtani and his transition to an MLB team, as MLB Network’s Jon Morosi reports that Ohtani’s newly hired representatives from CAA and the MLBPA will be meeting soon.

From there, MLB and NPB are expected to then get back to work on fixing that lack of a posting agreement situation. Which is important, because it would be awfully tough for him to sign with an MLB team while keeping his current club, the Nippon-Ham Fighters, happy — or at least sated — thanks to the expected posting fee they’d receive.

Ohtani hiring representation in the first place was a good sign as to how the discussions of his signing in the U.S. are progressing, but that a meeting is apparently imminent between important parties in this situation is great news for anyone excited about seeing Ohtani play for an MLB team next season and not any later than that.

We’re getting close, everyone. It’s all coming together.