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Giancarlo Stanton told Marlins fans to ‘watch from afar’ in his introductory Yankees press conference

In case you missed it, the Marlins are bad.

Giancarlo Stanton was officially introduced as a Yankee on Monday at baseball’s Winter Meetings in Orlando. The press came out to watch him put on the pinstripes, and ask him about his departure from the Marlins to the (much) greener pastures of Yankee Stadium.

Much of the press conference is exactly what you would expect: how happy he is to get the chance to play for the Yankees, how he and Aaron Judge will get along just swimmingly, and he made Aaron Boone look at him like this:

But amidst all that positivity and optimism about his new home, Stanton also took the time to remind everyone from whence he came — AKA the festering pit of a haphazard “rebuild” that is the Marlins’ future roster, now being watched over by a Dinger Machine that is not going to see nearly as much action in 2018 as it did in 2017.

The most glaring of warnings came in the form of an advisory for fans to stick with the team, but not to commit too much. I have to assume him telling fans to “watch from afar” is due to the current toxicity emanating from the front office and the ensuing radiation poisoning that could happen if people get too close to the park.

Based on all of their actions of late, it’s not as if Marlins ownership should be surprised that Stanton would say something so blatant in his introductory presser. But it’s still weird to watch a star be so comfortable with tossing up “Warning: Do Not Trust This Team” signs everywhere just days after he hopped a plane out of town.

The one thing that’s for sure is that he does care about the fans, and is only looking out for them in the long run. In an Instagram post before the press conference, Stanton thanked the organization and the city ... and then immediately got to work alluding to the mess that is going on.

He wrote that he appreciates “all my teammates and coaching staff that battled day in and day out. I feel for u fans, you’ve stuck with me as we’ve shared some roller coaster years” and added he “always tried to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional, circus times there.”

Now, that probably refers more to the Loria era than it does the new ownership in place. But combine a lack of distinction between the two eras in his Instagram note with his blatant warning in the press conference, and new ownership probably shouldn’t feel good about where they stand either.

Giancarlo said he looks forward to being a part of a “winning culture” and outside of the fact that any player would say that about the Yankees right now, because they’re the Yankees, it certainly makes it clear that where he came from was not that and won’t be for a while.

Steer clear, Marlins fans. And if you don’t and it backfires, remember that Giancarlo Stanton tried very hard to warn you.