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Cole Hamels and his wife are donating a $10 million house to charity

The Missouri mansion is serving as an amazing Christmas gift for an organization in Missouri.

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

What an incredible Christmas gift this is for a local Missouri charity.

Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi, are donating a mansion in Missouri to a local charity rather than put it on the market, a press release posted on Monday revealed.

The house, which is reportedly worth close to $10 million, was meant to be the Hamels’ permanent home when he was pitching for the Phillies. But after 2015, when he was shipped to the Rangers, they apparently decided that Texas was just as good a candidate to settle down as Missouri. Thus rendering the house an empty yet humongous property without anybody to live in it full time.

So instead of trying to sell it and going through the steps to recoup their investment, the pair are instead donating it to a worthy charity — specifically, local organization Camp Barnabas.

In the release, Hamels explains why they decided to donate it to Camp Barnabas, for which this is the largest donation in their history.

“There are tons of amazing charities in Southwest Missouri. Out of all of these, Barnabas really pulled on our heartstrings. Seeing the faces, hearing the laughter, reading the stories of the kids they serve; there is truly nothing like it. Barnabas makes dreams come true, and we felt called to help them in a big way.”

They also said of the donation,

“We love that Barnabas sees the bigger picture. They are changing the way the world sees disability ministry.”

Camp Barnabas is a non-profit Christian summer camp that is “dedicated to providing life-changing experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses as well as their siblings” as well as “provides ministry and social experiences that increase spiritual knowledge, social learning, and human dignity” and “changes perspectives and redefines disability.”

Krystal Simon, Barnabas’ Chief Development Officer says of the gift,

“This is so much more than a beautiful property. This incredible gift allows us to further our ministry and truly change thousands of lives for years to come.”

Barnabas has served more than 75,000 campers and missionaries in its history and also has a “two-year faith-based collegiate program” for students with special needs in Branson, Missouri.

The house is 32,000 square feet and includes more than 100 acres of land for Camp Barnabas to use in their programming if they so choose (they already run two separate locations in the area). They could also end up selling the home for money to put back into the charity. The press release doesn’t specify what path they will take with the generous gift.