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The Eagles are practicing at Angel Stadium before their game against the Rams this weekend

[insert joke about Mike Trout organizing this sports mashup]

After Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks to drop them to 10-2, the Eagles are preparing to face the 9-3 Rams next weekend in a showdown that could affect the Wild Card situation in two divisions.

Instead of flying all the way back to Philadelphia for a few days before turning around and having to travel all the way back to the West Coast to play in Los Angeles, the Eagles are staying in Costa Mesa and practicing there before their game on Sunday.

That makes sense logistically, but they obviously ran into an issue that had to be remedied. Where would they practice if they didn’t have access to their home facilities?

The answer, amazingly, isn’t a football field at all but at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Since it’s the baseball offseason and that field isn’t being used for anything at the moment, it was free for the Eagles to take over and hang out for a few days.

And it looks pretty cool.

This bird’s eye view gives a sense of how things are laid out, too.

This is the part where we have to mention how big of an Eagles fan Angels’ star Mike Trout star is, a fun fact which you may or may not have heard once or a thousand times before.

There were probably some behind-the-scenes dealings involving Trout that lured the Eagles to the park instead of another space that is better equipped for football. With the offseason in full effect and Trout with not much on his schedule (I presume) maybe there’s a chance he’ll stop by practice a few times to hang out with the team.

Even though they’re a much better squad than in years past, maybe they could have him take a couple of practice snaps, as well.

They better go gentle on Trout if he does suit up, though, the 2018 baseball season still needs him!