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The Brandon Phillips trade makes sense for all sides

Monday morning’s Say Hey, Baseball includes why everyone agreed to the Brandon Phillips deal, why no one claimed Byung Ho Park, and why Brian Cashman isn’t going anywhere.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

After years of rumors surrounding the second baseman, Brandon Phillips was finally dealt from Cincinnati. He was sent to Atlanta for a couple of non-prospects. It makes sense for everyone involved, including the Reds who got next to nothing in return and are paying all but $1 million of his salary. What they do get is the opportunity for playing time for two of their young players. Jose Peraza and Dilson Herrera represent two future assets for the franchise, and they're both ready for the bigs, but neither has had a chance to play consistently. This will provide that chance.

On the Braves side of things, it may seem strange for a team in their position to trade for a veteran with one year left on his contract. After all, Atlanta is not going to contend this year, and Phillips likely won't be on their next competitive team. However, they just lost Sean Rodriguez and he may be out for the season. Their second base options are thin, and they don't want to rush top prospect Ozzie Albies up to the majors. Phillips gives them someone to plug that hole who can also serve as a mentor to fellow middle infielder Dansby Swanson.

Perhaps the most confusing part of this is why Phillips agreed to the deal. The veteran's 10/5 rights have been a big talking point over the last few years, as he's rejected multiple deals that would have sent him out of Cincinnatti. Then he finally accepted one to a team that won't even be in the playoff picture. Of course, it makes a lot more sense once you remember he grew up in Georgia and went to high school there. This gives Phillips a chance to go back home. Although this deal won't have an effect on the standings, everyone involved had their reasons to make this deal happen.

  • Byung Ho Park still has potential after his rough rookie year, and yet no one claimed him after he was designated for assignment by the Twins. Why?

  • Prince Fielder has retired, and he's teaming up with Netflix and Hulu for his first post-baseball endeavor.

  • I have bad news for the rest of baseball: Noah Syndergaard has made it his goal to throw even harder.

  • Across town, Brian Cashman would have to monumentally screw things up for the Yankees to not give him a new contract after this season.

  • Jose Ramirez was one of the biggest breakouts of 2016, but the projections don't like him this year. Why is this the case?

  • The Red Sox have three pitchers competing for two rotation spots, and two of them are starting off on the wrong foot.

  • You may see Barry Bonds in Giants camp again. Don't get too excited, though, since he'll be an instructor rather than a player.

  • Even after acquiring Logan Forsythe from the Rays, the Dodgers decided to bring Chase Utley back on a one-year deal.

  • At one point, Nathan Eovaldi looked like he had so much promise. Now, two Tommy John surgeries later, he may be getting his final chance with the Rays.

  • Aledmys Diaz was a major surprise in 2016, and with the way he made contact last year he could even improve on that performance.