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Pitchers and catchers are reporting all around baseball

Tuesday’s Say Hey, Baseball includes some early spring training highlights, the return of Steve Clevenger, and some romantic baseball names.

MLB: Cleveland Indians- Workouts Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of spring training. Many pitchers and catchers reported to their teams yesterday, with more reporting today, and position players aren't far behind. By the end of the week, there will be workouts, and in a week? Spring training games! It's all happening! The offseason is finally ending and baseball is in sight!

Are there highlights so far? You bet! Well, sort of. There isn't really a lot going on, but for fans of the handful of teams that reported yesterday, it was everything. The Phillies showed off their young arms, and even gave us a glamour shot to boot. The Red Sox had a lot to show off, like Chris Sale in a Red Sox uniform, and a slo-mo video of him pitching (oh heck yes). The Indians are ready to start climbing that mountain once again, and showed it off all day. And the Mets? Their position players don't report until Feb. 17, but their batting cages were full of eager players ready to get a jump on things.

First workouts for these guys are mostly today and tomorrow. And then, special pitcher and catcher time is over, because the rest of the team reports. And then in just over a week, games start. On Wednesday, Feb. 22, the Diamondbacks have the first spring training contest with a game against the Grand Canyon Antelopes, a mascot that absolutely needs to make its way into the MLB somehow. Baseball is almost here, and soon there will be a lot more to watch and read (and write) about than just pictures and short videos of players practicing. It can't get here quickly enough.