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Cardinals' Dexter Fowler expresses disappointment over Trump's travel ban

His family has been affected by the executive order.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Workouts Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dexter Fowler is one of the latest athletes to express disappointment at President Donald Trump’s currently stalled travel ban.

Fowler’s wife, Darya Baghbani, was born in Iran, one of seven majority-Muslim countries that the executive order restricted visas from. The couple was planning on bringing their daughter, Naya, to visit family, but is now putting off the trip. The ban is currently not in effect after a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump has said he could replace the stalled ban with an entirely new executive order.

Still, as ESPN’s Mark Saxon reported, the climate of uncertainty has the Fowlers feeling like it’s not “the right time” to travel. “It’s huge. Especially anytime you’re not able to see family, it’s unfortunate,” Fowler told ESPN.

The Fowler family was further affected when his sister-in-law postponed her return to the United States from a business trip to Qatar, because she was worried about detainment.

A number of St. Louis Cardinals fans reacted extremely negatively to his comments, some telling Fowler he wasn’t supposed to have an opinion and to just play ball, while others told him to go back to Chicago. Fowler addressed the reaction on his Twitter.

Fowler’s not the first athlete to be affected or speak out about the ban. A number of NBA players, coaches, and other figures, including commissioner Adam Silver, expressed concerns and criticism. Earlier this month, Iran banned the United States’ wrestling team from this year’s World Cup when the executive order was issued, but later changed their minds after the order was blocked. At the World Cup on Friday, Iranian fans gave a warm welcome to the U.S., even chanting wrestler Jordan Burroughs’ name.

Fowler spent last season with the Chicago Cubs, playing an important role in their World Series victory.