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Here’s a photo of the Colorado Rockies lined up in an extremely specific way for Pi Day

The Rockies admit it’s a Photoshop, but it’s still cool.

Pi Day is March 14. That was Tuesday. Pi is that wonderful mathematic constant that helped all of us figure out the size of circles when we were in grade school. In decimal form, it starts:

3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279

Coincidentally, here are the Colorado Rockies, lined up along the first base line before a spring training game on Tuesday afternoon:

This image, as we’d suspected it might be after some prodding on Twitter and in the comments, is not real. It’s just extremely clever.

But I’m not above giving some credit where it’s due. This is a good and cool image.

The Rockies social media team was thorough, jotting out the first 20 decimal points of π on the backs of players’ jerseys. I thought this was real, I’ll acknowledge, even as I poked around for proof that it might be fake.

It’s a Photoshop, but it’s a good one. Math and baseball are both good.