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USA must defeat the most successful WBC team to make the championship game

Tuesday’s Say Hey, Baseball prepares you for USA vs. Japan, looks at Puerto Rico’s victory, and a night for Javier Baez.

World Baseball Classic - Pool F - Game 6 - United States v Dominican Republic Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

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Japan is the team of the World Baseball Classic to this point. Not just the 2017 edition, but the history of the entire tournament.

Japan won the inaugural tourney in 2006, won again in 2009, and then made it to the semifinals in 2013. Japan is undefeated in this year’s edition of the World Baseball Classic. That’s a whole lot of accolades for one team, and Japan doesn’t even have its best player, Shohei Otani, on the roster this year thanks to injury. Japan’s back in the semifinals again in spite of this, taking on a United States team that has never reached the championship round.

The lineup the USA used to get here is frightening, especially when manager Jim Leyland remembers Paul Goldschmidt should be in it: A win against Japan would give the U.S. a showdown with Puerto Rico, who is trying to make up for last year’s loss in the finals to the Dominican Republic.

Like Japan, Team USA doesn’t have its best player (Mike Trout), but in spite of this, a pitching staff comprised of starters Chris Archer, Danny Duffy, Tanner Roark, and Marcus Stroman has handled the competition. Roark will be the one facing Japan on Tuesday, with Stroman pitching in the finals should the USA get there.

The last time USA made the semifinals was 2009, when it lost to Japan 9-4. Roy Oswalt started that game for the U.S., giving up four runs in 3-2/3 innings. That lineup was a good one, too, with Brian Roberts, Derek Jeter, Adam Dunn, Ryan Braun, David Wright, Jimmy Rollins, and more in it. But it wasn’t enough.

That’s kind of the beauty of the WBC, though, especially at this stage. You only get one chance, and even the best team isn’t necessarily going to win in that scenario. You can’t predict who is going to win between Japan and the USA in one game. You can watch, however, and see for yourself who will be in the finals against Puerto Rico.