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Puerto Rico's WBC success is causing a hair dye shortage

Puerto Rico’s fans are into their baseball team’s success, and it’s causing an unexpected problem.

Puerto Rico is one of the two teams in the World Baseball Classic championship game, as they’ll take on the United States Wednesday night. Throughout the tournament, the Puerto Rican team has been dying their hair and facial hair blond as a sign of unity. See: Beltran, Carlos:

Baseball: World Baseball Classic-USA at Puerto Rico Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t argue with results, considering Puerto Rico is not only in the finals, but is also undefeated in the 2017 WBC. And fans of the team have taken notice, as suddenly, there’s a shortage of blond hair dye across Puerto Rico, with its citizens showing their support of the baseball team’s WBC championship chase by dying their own heads and faces.

Copper blond, platinum blond, golden blond — all shades of blond (even burnt orange) are turning heads in a U.S. territory where the majority of men have thick, dark hair and are now getting teased about looking like Ken dolls. Those who are bald have opted to dye their beards or goatees in a nod to Puerto Rico coach Carlos Delgado.


“Ever since they began winning, this has not stopped,” said Myrna Rios, a manager at a Sally Beauty Supply store in the capital of San Juan. “We have run out of the product in most of our stores.”

To top it all off, apparently fans of the Dominican Republic have had to go blond, too, as they lost bets to Puerto Rican friends — Puerto Rico defeated the Dominican Republic in second-round play, helping the former advance to the semifinals while the defending-champion Dominican went home early.

The World Baseball Classic just keeps getting better and better. Can we have this every two years instead? What about three?