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The White Sox are in no rush to trade Jose Quintana

Friday’s Say Hey, Baseball includes White Sox trade discussions, Jake Arrieta’s spring training dinger, and always knowing the odds.

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

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The White Sox have already traded Chris Sale and Adam Eaton for a significant prospect haul, so it's pretty clear that they're rebuilding on the south side. Just because they've begun the process, though, doesn't mean they're in a rush to finish it, as statements from Sox' general manager Rick Hahn have recently made clear.

Speaking to, Hahn stated that, "We've had conversations even this spring where if our asks are met, we'd make a move." This could be in reference to a number of players besides Quintana, but it is especially about him, given he has the most trade value left of anyone on the roster.

Hahn continued, saying, "We would love to move this thing along based strictly on our desire, but it's too important we do it right than to force the issue based on impatience."

Hear that, everyone looking for a high-quality starter? The White Sox aren't going to just give up Quintana because they feel backed into a corner, not when he's 28 years old, not when he's under contract for four more seasons at a total cost of just $37.5 million. They don't need to move him right away and can afford to wait for someone to be desperate enough to pay everything they'd like.

The White Sox are still early enough in their rebuilding process that they aren't bothering to make their recent prospect return into a bunch of big-league players — the likes of Lucas Giolito and Yoan Moncada were sent to the minors to begin 2017 rather than be part of the Opening Day roster. If they haven't even gotten to the point where they're seeing what Moncada and Co. can do in the majors, they're certainly not going to just deal Quintana to get it over with.

And hey, who knows? With four years left and Quintana's youth, he could always be part of the next competitive White Sox team, anyway. While that's an unlikely scenario, it's one the White Sox can lean on in negotiations, and that might be all that matters.