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Mariners' 'Bark in the Park' combined America's two favorite things: good dogs and baseball


It was one of the best nights of the year in Seattle on Thursday night. The Mariners hosted the White Sox and held their “Bark in the Park” night.

Here, I’ll give you some time to squeal like I did.

All good? Let’s continue.

What could be better? Pups and baseball.

Of course, the team didn’t pass up an opportunity to market their gear.

Honestly, I’m OK with it. We got to see these good doggos twinning because of it.

I really think the guys from the first tweet owned the night.

The fun came in all shapes and sizes, clothed in all sorts of accessories.

Also present was this famous boy, Anderson Pooper.

I am jealous of his wheels and his custom jersey. Very fetch. He’s a big Seattle fan who races and is very close friends with Mariner Moose.

Your fave could never. #TeamAndersonPooper

And finally, this golden pupper is just majestic.

What a good night.