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Aaron Judge hit a 495-FOOT HOME RUN

The longest HR in 2017 so far!

Aaron Judge is having an historic rookie season, and if his most recent home run is any indication, he won’t be letting up any time soon.

That freakish home run went a distance of 495 feet — the longest dinger thus far in 2017. This ties Kris Bryant for the second-longest home run in the Statcast era, behind a 504-foot home run by Giancarlo Stanton.

I don’t think anyone at Yankee Stadium could believe Judge hit it this far, even his teammates in the Yankees dugout. Check out Didi Gregorius’ reaction to the ridiculously long home run.

This was Aaron Judge’s Major League leading 20th home run of the season. Wow!

Oh hey! And Aaron Judge didn’t stop there. Looks like he needed to hit one out to right field just to even things out.

Aaron Judge is a very good large adult human and very good at hitting baseballs.

Update: What better way to do your postgame interview than to wear a ‘Great Hambino’ shirt.