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Florida pitcher drops thunderous F-bomb on ESPN after learning about rain delay


Florida and Wake Forest’s super regional tilt in Gainesville has been plagued by downright foul weather. The opener on Saturday night underwent a four-hour rain delay mid-game before the Gators prevailed in 11 innings, then the Sunday Game 2 had to be suspended into Monday in the sixth inning. Wake ended up winning the second bout, forcing a Monday rubber match to decide the eighth and final College World Series team.

If the first two games of the best-of-three series required weather delays before their completion, it’s only right that the deciding Game 3 should include the same. In the top of the third, with Florida holding a 1-0 advantage, the rains returned and play was suspended.

The Gators’ starter, Brady Singer, was furious when play was called.

It’s understandable that Singer should react this way. After all, the Gators and Demon Deacons have done far more sitting around waiting than actually playing the sport of baseball this weekend, and managing to control the ebbs and flows of one’s emotions — from in-game preparedness and focus to the boredom of doing nothing at all — can probably run a player psychologically ragged.

So we can sympathize with Florida’s hollering pitcher here, who just wants to f***ing hurl, dammit.