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John McCain asked James Comey incoherent questions, then blamed the D-Backs’ game

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Sure, why not

Arizona Senator John McCain was one of the many asking questions of former FBI Director James Comey earlier on Thursday following his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. McCain’s questions stood out, though, because they barely made any sense, to the point where Twitter started wondering where his head was at .

Don’t worry, McCain answered for all of that: See, what happened is just that his questions went over your head, and also he was tired because of watching the Diamondbacks play while he was on the East Coast.

Given McCain’s affinity for the D-Backs, it’s a little weird he didn’t inquire further about the infamous pee tape that the Russians are reported to be blackmailing President Donald Trump with. After all, peeing happening where peeing isn’t supposed to happen is something the D-Backs have concerned themselves with in the past.

Don’t worry, though, given how these questions went, we can be sure McCain will soon ask what the Dodgers know about Hillary Clinton’s emails and whether she did or did not pee in the Diamondbacks’ pool, too. There are rules about that sort of thing, you know.