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Robinson Cano named 2017 MLB All-Star Game MVP

He won the game for the American League in the 10th inning.

Robinson Cano had a pretty good Tuesday night.

The Mariners second baseman kept the All-Star Game from going any longer in the 10th inning with a shot off of Cubs closer Wade Davis that put the American League in the lead.

What a hit!

But not only did that shot win the game, finishing with the American League up 2-1, it also made the case for Cano to win the All-Star MVP award, which was presented after the game.

Of course, you don’t just get a cool glass bat for being the MVP. You also win a new car. Cano had the choice between a Chevy pickup and a Corvette, but for him, it was an easy decision: He went Corvette.

Cano ended the game 1-2 at the plate but had the game’s most important hit — and any night that you end with a brand new Corvette is a good one.