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Theo Epstein says people should “ask Wetbutt” when it comes to Cubs trade rumors

He knows all the best baseball insiders, even ones on Reddit.

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Cubs shipped some of their top prospects, including Eloy Jimenez, across town to the White Sox for Jose Quintana this week which would have been surprising no matter what the tertiary details of the deal were. But the universe delivered this time and not only did the trade go down over the All-Star break with secret phone calls taking place at fan conventions, but some of the most unlikely baseball “insiders” broke the news: two Redditors named “Wetbutt23” and “KatyPerrysBootyHole.”

The night before the deal was officially announced, these two random accounts broke the news on Reddit first. Which would be hilarious without the account names being what they are and is only more humorous with that slight detail added on top of everything else.

Everyone had a good laugh over that happening and the moment mostly passed, but Cubs President Theo Epstein wasn’t about to let such a funny occurrence go without getting in on the fun himself. During some pre-game media availability before the Cubs’ matchup with the Orioles, Epstein was asked about any other trades the Cubs could be involved in before the deadline and his answer was priceless.

“Ask Wetbutt.”

His full answer showed the fun he was having being in on the joke, which should be expected from Theo Epstein - someone who has always had a penchant for messing with staff and reporters alike.