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The Astros held a pregame funeral for Carlos Beltran’s glove in the outfield

Houston’s DH hasn’t played in the field for over two months.

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Carlos Beltran hasn’t played an inning in the outfield for the Astros since mid-May, the center fielder-turned-DH spending all of his time at the plate of late where he has been hitting a semi-concerning .231 (albeit with 11 homers and 35 RBI on the season).

So in honor of the glove outliving its usefulness for its owner and guardian, the Astros decided to have a little bit of fun before their game against the Mariners on Monday by holding an official funeral for Beltran’s mitt in the outfield.

Not only did they set up faux tombstones and bring a box out to “bury” the glove in, but catcher Brian McCann even dressed as a priest to deliver the eulogy before sending the glove to the great leather factory in the sky.

The commitment here should really be applauded, with the entire team taking part and props set up so everybody could really get in the spirit. In photos of the event Beltran is smiling and laughing about the whole thing, which is nice to see in any situation, but especially in one where a player has to poke fun at his own aging and shift in role.

Maybe the glove will be reincarnated in another piece of leather and its spirit will guide a minor leaguer to sliding catches and heroic saves in the future like some kind of inanimate A Dog’s Purpose spinoff.

Or maybe it will just sit in the clubhouse in a simple white box until Beltran moves on from the team, like a beloved token of past defensive memories. He’s past 40 now, and if he does see any time in the outfield again it won’t be for any sort of extended stretch. That’s not always easy to face for a former Gold Glove winner so good on Beltran for joining in on the fun.