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Javier Baez absolutely destroyed an iPad with a bad throw

Baez attempted a sidearm toss to first and obliterated some of the Braves’ tech instead.

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Oh, Javy. What did you do to that poor innocent iPad? During Monday night’s game against the Braves, Javier Baez tried to adeptly turn a double play with a sidearm throw from second base to first. That plan failed, and instead the ball sailed hilariously off the mark and into the Braves’ dugout where it hit an iPad sitting innocently on the bench.

That iPad never stood a chance. Just hanging out, minding its own business, enjoying some baseball on a rainy Monday night, and BAM — an errant throw takes it out without warning.

Baez redeemed himself later in the game with a base hit to center that set the Cubs up for a two-run single by Ben Zobrist, but he’s definitely on Brian Snitker’s list now that the Braves manager will have to drive over to the Apple Store tomorrow and pick up a new one. And nobody likes an impromptu trip to the Apple Store.