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Watch this 6'4 first baseman do a full split to complete a double play

Emilio Guerrero of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats really committed to complete a double play.

Emilio Guerrero of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Toronto’s AA affiliate) might need to take some extra time to ice up after the team’s game on Monday, thanks to an amazing play he executed to complete a double play in the top of the fourth inning.

If you’re a member of the half of the population that might be um ... extra affected by this clip, you’ve been warned.

Well, first of all, ow. Secondly, Guerrero stands at 6’4 and the effortlessness with which he drops into a full split from that height while still focusing on the ball is more than impressive.

On one level, it’s hard not to keep watching the play on a loop just to watch him somehow pull it off over and over again. It’s downright hypnotic. On another, watching that last split-second where he hesitates to figure out how to get out of that specific position is also very painful and that’s hard to ignore.

Hopefully Guerrero isn’t too sore from these heroics in the morning and didn’t actually pull anything. As the Fisher Cats themselves pointed out, this is why you should always, always, stretch.