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Brandon Kintzler was in the middle of feeding a rhino when he got traded

Doesn’t everyone spend deadline day feeding rhinos?

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Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Trade deadline day, and the weekend before, are handled differently by each player. Some may think a lot about the chance that they might be moving to a different city, some may track what radio hosts are speculating for their future, and some may find ways to ignore the conversation going on about their team or their status.

That distraction could come in a lot of different ways, and may boil down to just putting their heads down and playing, pitching, or supporting their teammates the same way they would do on any other game day.

Or, a player could spend the trade deadline afternoon feeding a rhino. Which is exactly what the TwinsBrandon Kintzler was doing when he found out he was being traded to the Nationals.

Minnesota wasn’t playing on Monday, so the players could relax on an off day before their series against the Padres. Kintzler decided to head to the zoo, which San Diego is sort of known for, and feed some animals.

As he told MLB Network Radio, “I was in the middle of feeding a rhino and a giraffe. Have you ever fed a rhino before?”

No, I haven’t fed a rhino before, Brandon, and now I’m a little bit sad about it.

Regardless of Kintzler’s feelings about being traded to Washington, that’s a really good trade deadline story that he can tell for years to come.