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Mets and Yankees front offices are now taking their issues with each other public

It started with leaks, and is now an all-out squabble via the press.

New York Mets v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Mets made a trade with the Indians involving Jay Bruce, a prospect who didn’t make anyone dance with joy upon acquisition, and some salary relief for New York.

Later that night, another Bruce trade that was reportedly in the works leaked, and detailed a trade situation that would have sent him to the Yankees for multiple prospects and slightly less salary relief.

Considering that the prospects in question were reportedly ones that the Mets specifically asked for, this might seem like a suspect trade to turn down for the constant New York underdog.

Yet on Thursday, things went beyond leaks and escalated to “unnamed officials” with one, per Mike Puma of the New York Post, saying “If they would give us something of [bleeping] value, maybe we would make a deal.”

Another said, “When we were looking for players last year, the Yankees weren’t exactly rushing to return our calls.”

Well OK THEN. This is the good stuff.

Some reports indicate that things have gotten chippier between the two organizations in recent weeks not only because of this trade falling through, but also because of another trade centering on Neil Walker heading to the Yankees, which was nixed because of medical reasons.

However, the Mets are assuming that the Sonny Gray acquisition was the real reason for that trade failing to happen and that the Yankees just wanted a way out of the Walker deal after that.

Who says August baseball isn’t exciting? Maybe a member of one of these front offices will conveniently leave a diary in a bathroom stall for someone to find next.