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Jose Canseco wants everyone to know he could outhit Aaron Judge

Would I pay to watch this happen? Yes, absolutely.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jose Canseco, in his pure and mostly hilarious Twitter form, thinks he can outhit Aaron Judge. You may remember other such Canseco Twitter gems such as dog puke, time travel being possible, and his nearly amputated finger after a poker night gone wrong.

This tweet seems different, though (if only slightly different), mostly because there are ways that this challenge could pan out in the real world without too much effort.

Canseco clearly knows his own limits here. He gives himself a softball to hit rather than a baseball. While still difficult to hit very far, it does give him a little bit of an advantage.

The other reason this tweet is great is that Jose plainly presents his biggest weakness — his age — right in the tweet. He’s not trying to pull one over on anyone here. He fully thinks that despite a 30-year age difference he could come out on top.

He’s so confident in this unlikely outcome that it makes me want this to happen more than I otherwise would. Canseco is not joking here, and if Judge were down for it there’s a good chance this could be set up after the playoffs are over.

Canseco is already thinking about his ability to hit a softball for distance.

Who wouldn’t watch a two-man Home Run Derby in November for a charity of their choice? If Michael Phelps can fake-race a shark then we could put this together somehow.

Also, this is pretty convenient timing, Canseco. The kid is in the middle of a vicious slump, after all. This hit-off needs to happen once he’s back to full force to make everything fair.

Statistically though, this might be over before it gets started.

Canseco’s probably most notable home run, in the 1989 ALCS, is estimated to have traveled 443 feet, not 500 feet or more as some have alleged over time. Just this season, Judge hit a ball to the upper deck of Yankee Stadium that was estimated at a whopping 496 feet.

So do I think that Conseco would actually win this little exercise? Probably not. But in the midst of tweets about time travel and “Would You Rather?” games, this is grounded in a way that his other extemporaneous thoughts aren’t.

It will probably never happen, but what I’m saying is give the man what he wants and make this happen. Make Judge prove himself in the Canseco-Dome.