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Ian Kinsler says Angel Hernandez ‘needs to stop ruining baseball games’ after being ejected

The Tigers second baseman wasn’t happy with Hernandez’s work at home plate.

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On Monday night, smack in the middle of his third at-bat, Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler got fed up with Angel Hernandez’s decision-making as the home plate ump and decided to say something about it.

For those who missed out on the excitement, Kinsler had already chirped at Hernandez a few times in his early plate appearances, but during his third time up he had enough and started spewing whatever came to mind.

Kinsler’s tirade wasn’t fully audible to those watching, but some attempts to parse his words came up with “You need to go home, because you're f***ing terrible at your job. I'm trying to do my f***ing job” and “You're a f***ing horrible umpire.”

Suffice to say, Hernandez didn’t appreciate that “input” about his job and ejected Kinsler right in the middle of his at-bat.

Now, Kinsler is continuing to comment on Hernandez’s ability to call balls and strikes accurately but says he hasn’t heard anything further from the league about his comments leading to a suspension or fine of any sort.

According to’s Tigers beat reporter Jason Beck, Kinsler said Hernandez “needs to re-evaluate his career” and that "It has to do with changing the game. He's changing the game. He needs to find another job. He really does.”

Just in case people didn’t get the gist of his opinions on the sometimes-controversial ump, he went even further and spelled it out with an ardent "I'm just saying it's pretty obvious that he needs to stop ruining baseball games."

If Kinsler hasn’t heard from the Commissioner’s office yet, there’s a chance he will now.