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Red Sox find out turning triple plays is easier with Yadier Molina running to first

Who woulda thought?

Atlanta Braves v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Red Sox turned a triple play in their opening game of a three-game series against the Cardinals on Tuesday, only the fifth triple play to happen league-wide this season.

With Paul DeJong and Dexter Fowler on base, Yadier Molina hit a ball to Noted Boston Savior Rafael Devers at third base, who promptly stepped back to third base to tag it before sending the ball around the horn for two more outs.

The initial hit wasn’t that fast, so it’s amazing that the Sox had enough time to turn a triple play before the batter reached first, until you recall that Yadier Molina was that batter.

Turns out he’s not that fast.

In fact, of the 12 outs the Cardinals had made at that point in the game, Molina hit into five of them. Rough times.

Amazingly, Molina running from home to first base instead of someone else on St. Louis makes it a little easier to complete a triple play even if the hit didn’t go right into a player’s glove.

A stunning development in the sport of baseball.