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Wil Myers stole second, third, and home plate in the same inning

He is fast.


Someone apprehend Wil Myers because he is a straight-up thief.

During the Padres’ game against the Phillies, with the team clinging to a 1-0 lead in the fourth, Myers went to town on the base paths and stole second base, third base, and home in the same inning.

His attempt at home wouldn’t have been possible without a pickle going down between first and second base, and he still had to make a targeted slide into home in order to avoid the tag attempt. That’s some great teamwork.

Myers becomes the first player since Dee Gordon in 2011 to steal three bases in an inning, and only those two men and Jayson Werth in 2009 have been able to do so in the last 20 seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

He was also the first Padre to accomplish the feat, so he deserves some sort of plaque or award from the organization for a cool but mostly inconsequential barrier being broken.

Or maybe just a cookie from management. A delicious, chocolatey, “You are very good at being fast keep doing that” cookie.