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This Red Sox ceremonial first pitch could not have gone worse for an innocent photographer

In front of the entire 1967 World Series team, no less.

Once you’re done watching video of this pitch over and over, since it’s hilarious, let’s break down what exactly is happening here.

The ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park on Wednesday night, being thrown out in front of most of the 1967 Red Sox team and intended for Dream Team member Mike Andrews behind the plate, clearly went horribly wrong.

Sometimes a first pitch can be off the mark, and other times it can be so off the mark that it hits a completely different target — in this case an innocent bystander’s um ... bat and baseballs?

Andrews does his best to leap to catch the ball, to no avail. You can even see Dave Morehead flinching and covering his mouth in shock (or to attempt not to laugh at the victim) in the background.

The perpetrator here, Jordan Leandre, is known to some Sox fans as a former Dana-Farber Cancer Institute patient who sang the national anthem multiple times and ran the bases at Fenway as a child. He also made an appearance in the movie Fever Pitch as the little boy who sings the anthem.

His return to the park tonight could have been just as heartwarming, but instead he made everyone way happier in an unexpected way.

He’s already poking fun at himself, as well as offering his services to the team since Boston’s starting pitcher had a rough start to the game.

The photographer may not be able to walk without pain for a little while, but he got a great photo out of the moment.

He is also already tweeting about the moment, poking fun at himself along with everyone else. It seems like he avoided the worst-case scenario.

This will go down in history as one of the most hilariously off-the-mark first pitches every to occur.