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Aaron Judge hit a home run so hard Mets outfielders didn’t even flinch

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Yoenis Cespedes knew he didn’t have to try to catch this one.

New York Yankees v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Aaron Judge is at it again. In the fourth inning of the Yankees’ game against their crosstown rival Mets, Judge hit a home run into the third deck of Citi Field. Wayyyy up there.

The ball went 457 feet and exited the park at 117 mph, which is the fifth hardest ball hit this year by miles per hour. The other four hardest-hit balls ahead of this home run also belong to Aaron Judge. What a surprise.

At its peak, the ball hung 147 feet over the ballpark. No wonder not a single outfielder flinched as it came off his bat. Everyone could see that baseball was gone the second it made contact with Judge’s wooden instrument of destruction.

It’s a beast of a blast from a normal home run perspective, but when you flip things around and look at home plate from the spot that the ball landed, well it might as well be on a space station in orbit.

Judge took the whole Subway Series thing a little too literally, since it looks like he tried to smash that ball all the way out of the park and onto a subway headed back to the city.