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Pedro Martinez took the mound in a Red Sox uniform again for a special reason

He still looked good!


Pedro Martinez was back on the mound for a special reason on Thursday night. Wearing his regular 45 on his back, Pedro pitched in the Abbot Financial Management Oldtime Baseball Game in support of charity.

That charity hits close to home for him, and many current and former Red Sox players, as the game was supporting the John Martin Fund and ALS Therapy Development Institute.

John, a longtime videographer at the local Sox station, recently found out he had ALS. Fundraising efforts for his ongoing treatment and needs have been underway ever since.

Pedro looked pretty good pitching again, and told CSN New England that he “exceeded the expectations I had of myself.” He grounded out during his at-bat but nobody was hanging around to see Pedro bat anyway, presumably.

He also chimed in about current Sox standout Chris Sale, saying he’s “never seen something like” Sale’s pitching and that he’s a “little shocked.” If any Sox fans weren’t on board with having Sale around (if those people exist), a gold star from Pedro ought to be just the thing to change their minds.