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Terry Francona got a Pop-A-Shot and DJ for the Indians clubhouse because he wants their Sweet Sixteen to feel special

Francona is clearly just a cool stepdad disguised as a baseball manager.

New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

For Cleveland’s weekend series against Kansas City, Terry Francona got some special surprises for the team. According to’s Jordan Bastian, Francona had it organized so the team would have a DJ and a Pop-A-Shot in their clubhouse throughout the series.

While it’s a cool gesture, and the players surely appreciate the added pizzazz to their otherwise routine series, does it come off to anyone else like Francona is a stepdad trying to convince the kids not to tell their mom that he was caught smoking in the garage again?

“Listen kids, this can be our little secret. I’m going to get you a Pop-A-Shot for your sixteenth birthday part and all of your friends can come. Come on, please don’t tell mom. You can have a DJ too!”

The players are having fun with it, as Bastian reports the competition was intense pre-game on Friday, but there’s the slightest thing off about it since it seems to be a random idea with no special meaning for this weekend or this series specifically.

Or, it could just be for fun and to blow off a little steam. As long as Andrew Miller doesn’t get too involved, he JUST got came back from injury after all.

Even funnier is the fact that the Indians are away at the Royals this series, so Francona had to coordinate all of this for a visiting clubhouse. Maybe it’s all a plot to make the Royals players jealous and distract them before games.