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Manny Machado capped a 3-home run game with a walkoff grand slam

Happens all the time, of course.

Baltimore Orioles v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Manny Machado is back in the groove.

Against the Angels on Friday, in a game where both teams put up five home runs each, Machado accounted for 60 percent of Baltimore’s homers. He jacked some in the third, fifth, and ninth inning and brought home seven total runs.

To cap off his spectacular night, as if things weren’t going well enough already, he won the game with a walkoff grand slam. In the last 104 years of professional baseball, a player having three home runs and a walkoff grand slam in the same game has only happened twice before.

Khris Davis did so just last season, and Joey Votto did as well back in 2012. So in the entire modern era of baseball, only three players have done what Machado just did and each of those games happened in the last six seasons.

Even if you expand the parameters a bit and look at players who have hit a walkoff home run, had three homers in a game, and also driven in more than six runs, the list only lengthens to seven people plus Machado (Davis, Votto, Todd Hollandsworth, Albert Belle, Jack Clark, Otto Velez, and Don Demeter).

A slim list for both accomplishments, and a return to the top of the heap at least momentarily for Machado.