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Terry Francona is heckling Red Sox base coaches about Tom Brady

The Indians manager had some fun with the competition this week.

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Terry Francona is no stranger to playing baseball in Boston, obviously. So when he comes back to the city to face his former team, it’s no surprise that he feels comfortable enough to mess around a little bit.

This week, at the beginning of a three-game series against Boston, Francona decided to have a little fun with one of the Red Sox base coaches while he was watching the game from the dugout.

According to WEEI, Tito and Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield seemingly got into it on Monday during the game but it was actually just some good old fashioned gamesmanship about none other than Tom Brady.

Butterfield loves Tom Brady and Tito loves trouble, so as the former tells it the Indians manager yelled at him “How did the X-rays come out on Brady this morning?” to try and distract him from focusing on the game at hand.

According to the Sox coach, he told Tito “You stop that. You're not going to take me out of my game.” Which is a smart response, and shows some very Brady-esque focus to boot.

The two men know each other from events and tours in the past, so it’s not like Francona was messing with someone he barely knew or doing it just to be rude. The duo messed around later in the game as well when they crossed paths.

This proves that even when two teams are in tight races for their respective division leads, pressure to win doesn’t mean some good old fashioned heckling can’t happen as well.