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Chris Archer ambushed Astros mascot Orbit with water balloons in the latest installment of their feud

Don’t worry, Orbit had something stashed away too.


It looks like peace talks between the Rays and Astros didn’t get anywhere this week, as the feud between Tampa Bay’s Chris Archer and Astros mascot Orbit went to the next level on Wednesday night.

In the latest installment of the ongoing back-and-forth between these two, Archer did a nice thing and presented Orbit with his diploma from the University of Raymond -- where he learned everything he needed to know about being a mascot.

Lest you think that was truly a good-hearted gesture though, consider how the setup of a prank usually happens. A seemingly nice thing followed by the actual joke.

Which is what happened to poor Orbit in this case, as just after the picture was taken of Orbit and Chris holding the diploma, multiple people hopped out of the Rays dugout and started pelting Orbit with water balloons.

But don’t worry, Orbit was prepared for such treachery. He had a second jersey on underneath his top shirt, and immediately took a layer off to reveal that jersey was protected by a massive poncho. He knew this was coming and wasn’t taking chances.

Orbit also had a water gun stashed away nearby and retaliated against the Rays’ insidious plot with his own form of watery fun. He wasn’t born yesterday, clearly.

The Rays and Astros face off once more this week and after that they won’t meet again until 2018. If I could bet on whether this feud will have one more installment before the teams go their separate ways this season, I definitely would.