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Yasiel Puig sacrificed his body to the scoreboard to make a leaping catch

That might hurt in the morning...

Yasiel Puig added to his Gold Glove campaign with a leaping, flailing catch back into the scoreboard at PNC Park to rob the Pirates of a hit.

It’s the latest example of Puig’s right field prowess and is another reminder that no ball is safe when he is locked in and patrolling his territory in any park in the country.

The impact might leave a mark or hurt a little in the morning, since Puig really went for it here, but that’s worth it for the greatness of the catch.

What’s more, the PNC Park scoreboard adds a level of cinematic glory to the play on top of Puig’s own awesome efforts.

Later in the game, Curtis Granderson (who only joined the team via trade on Friday night) hit a grand slam to put LA up 5-3, so Puig’s efforts to limit Pittsburgh’s offense definitely paid off and made the Dodgers’ comeback that much easier.

Pittsburgh did a good job putting up runs and limiting the Dodgers’ offense for most of the game, but no matter how hard teams try sometimes, it’s simply impossible to avoid Puig’s prowess on the defensive side of the game.