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Andrew Miller leaves game after facing one batter and throwing only seven pitches

Miller only recently returned from the disabled list.

New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

Andrew Miller, only recently back from the 10-day disabled list with patellar tendinitis, left Monday night’s game against the Red Sox after facing only one batter fully, throwing a total of seven pitches.

He exclusively threw fastballs, each of them significantly slower than his fastball average of 95 mph this season. It was only his second appearance since returning from the disabled list.

After throwing one pitch to the second batter he went up against, Miller stepped forward and waved off the catcher, gesturing for him not to throw the ball back to the mound. He then gestured to the dugout and subsequently gave an explanation to Terry Francona, who pulled him from the game.

The team announced that Miller was suffering from re-aggravated patellar tendinitis, so it may be a matter of bringing him back from the disabled list too soon.

Carlos Santana also left the game for the Indians shortly after Miller with back tightness, making it a double dose of tough-to-swallow injury news for Cleveland.

The Indians have a comfortable division lead with a 5 12 game gap between them and the Twins, but as the postseason grows closer, not having Miller could be a huge crater in their bullpen.