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Ozzie Albies tried to throw to first and the ball somehow ended up at home instead

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The Braves’ shortstop got ahead of himself on this play.


In the process of attempting to turn a 4-3 double play against the Mariners, Braves’ shortstop Ozzie Albies had a bit of an embarrassing throw from second to “first.”

After executing the first part of the play just fine, Albies went to throw the ball to first for the second out ... and the ball ended up at home plate instead.

While facing first, Albies got a little overzealous about the throw and the ball came out of his hand too early. It squibbed towards home, and the entire team (including Albies) had a good laugh about the whole thing.

This is the kind of play that is simultaneously hilarious and embarrassing, the kind that would scar a Little Leaguer for at least a month of their life if it happen to a kid. But since Albies laughed about it and no one got hurt, that also means it’s the perfect play to crack up about.

At least he got the one out and could find the humor in the mistake. The Braves lost 6-5 in the end but this was a win for anyone watching just for the laughs.