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This Nolan Arenado play is absolutely unreal

Seriously. People aren’t supposed to be able to do this.

People are definitely not supposed to be able to make baseball plays like that while also making it look so easy to pull off. Look at that throw!

In the bottom of the third inning against Kansas City, a real chopper of a hit came Nolan Arenado’s way on the third base line. A good player might have been able to contain the ball, preventing the runner from getting any extra bases and simply doing the best they could to keep the hit under control.

But not Nolan Arenado. Nope, he not only snagged the ball but managed to make a throw to first despite his body moving in a completely different direction.

To make that throw with that much accuracy and force (getting the out at first) while all of your momentum is heading toward the dugout? That has to defy at least three laws of physics, minimum.

Considering Arenado hurt his hand last week fielding a play and then re-aggravated that injury only a few days later, there was also probably some level of “um, that stung” involved here as well.

Later on, Arenado also hit a two-run home run to keep the Rockies competitive in the game. Is there anything he can’t do right now?