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The Mariners find new and creative ways to fail with this bananas play

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Uhhh ... what happened here?

Well ... um ... that was super weird, huh?

There’s no real way to move forward here before acknowledging how bananas the above play is and taking a minute to absorb the weirdness.

Everyone good now? Great. Let’s proceed.

A lot happened here, so let’s break it down piece by piece according to the official scorecard breakdown.

Ender Inciarte singles on a ground ball to shortstop Jean Segura.

Everything seems good so far; that’s straightforward enough.

Ozzie Albies scores.

Still good! Easy enough to follow.

Missed catch error by third baseman Kyle Seager, assist to shortstop Jean Segura to third baseman Kyle Seager to catcher Mike Zunino.

Uh ... now we’re off the rails. A mini-rundown happened somewhere in here, and the catching error was from less than 10 feet away, which needs to be noted (because how?). Mariners, are you okay?

Lane Adams out at third, shortstop Jean Segura to first baseman Yonder Alonso to catcher Mike Zunino.

Now Yonder Alonso is involved? This is like when you and a friend are trying to put a kitchen fire out but three more people at the party try to get involved and that only makes things more confusing.

The great part of this section is that it’s the point when the Mariners actually got someone out, and it involved their first baseman running halfway around the infield and then throwing it to their catcher to make the tag at third base.

Sure! Happens all the time! A completely normal baseball play that went completely according to plan!

Breaking it down can’t properly convey the mania on display here though, so maybe we’re all better served by just watching it a bunch of times and accepting the 2017 Mariners into our lives at long last.