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Two Brewers players managed to fit into Jesus Aguilar’s pants with ease

Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at his pants.

You think Jesus Aguilar has huge legs!? #brewers #mlb

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Jesus Aguilar is a big baseball boy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A few of his Milwaukee teammates decided to have some fun with it, though, and the resulting Instagram is a doggone wide-legged locker room party.

Zach Davies and Orlando Arcia hopped right into Aguilar’s pants, both fitting in quite easily from the looks of things, and posing for a photo op courtesy of Eric Thames.

Their smiles are as big as those pants.

Both Davies and Arcia look like beautiful baseball mermaids, granted special tails by Aguilar’s comfortable uniform pants. Arcia never even stopped listening to his music, it seems, during the fun.

While it might have been some quick and easy fun to get into the pants, who knows what kind of struggles they had getting out of them. Better left to the imagination, probably.

What will these crazy Brewers boys get themselves into next!?