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Justin Turner might shave his glorious beard if the Dodgers win the World Series

Turner has at least a few months left with his big ole beard, but only if everything goes right for Los Angeles.

We’re a few months away from any threat of this happening, and that’s if everything goes perfectly for the Dodgers. However, it was revealed in Sports Illustrated’s feature on Los Angeles’ third baseman Justin Turner that, should the Dodgers win the World Series, the long-haired, extremely bearded slugger just might shave.

In the meantime, he scarcely goes a day without a request for a picture — of him, not by him — or to touch his unruly beard. He has toyed with shaving, or at least trimming, his trademark red whiskers if the Dodgers win the World Series. His parents want them gone.

Turner has been growing it for a long time now — here he is with the Dodgers earlier this month ...

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

... against what his beard looked like in August 2012 with the Mets:

Houston Astros v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Just a little scruff! The full beard wouldn’t come until the next spring, and it’s just kept growing and growing since, and now basically has a life of its own to the point that Turner’s fiancee is concerned shaving it will mess with his hitting mechanics:

[Kourtney Pogue] has wedding photos to consider, but she’s begun to believe in the beard’s Samson-like qualities. “There might be some weight to it!” she says. “It might throw off his mechanics!”

Of course, all of this is pointless hypothesizing until the Dodgers do, or do not, win the World Series. As they have baseball’s best record and are threatening to tie or break the previous single-season record for wins, they do have a pretty good chance, but it’s also worth reminding you here that the 2001 Mariners and 1906 Cubs, the two teams who previously won 116 games, didn’t win the World Series — and Seattle didn’t even make it there.

We might see a more cleaned up Turner next spring if the Dodgers do succeed, however. Maybe a slightly worse hitter, too, if his fiancee’s scouting has any merit. Dodgers fans probably think both sacrifices are worth it, though, given Los Angeles is approaching 30 years without a World Series appearance or victory.