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Gary Sanchez’s lunch with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez was a ‘big brother, little brother sit down’

Hopefully Jennifer Lopez gave him some of her own savvy business tips.

Cleveland Indians v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Recently, famous Yankee Alex Rodriguez sat down with current New York catcher Gary Sanchez. He brought along Jennifer Lopez, his current girlfriend and noted singer, actress, savvy business woman, and reality show judge. Upon second thought, maybe it was she who wanted to go chat with the up-and-coming Sanchez and A-Rod just went along to break the ice.

But anyway, a lunch was had and advice was handed down from one Yankee generation to another. But what advice?

YES Network’s Jack Curry talked to Rodriguez about it and relayed that the pair talked about Sanchez’s routine during the season, conditioning, communication skills as a catcher and “the way things get done” at the ballpark.

Basically, everything besides tips to improve Sanchez’s offense, which he pretty much has under control at this point in the season.

Curry noted that Sanchez is “so talented” that the important advice to impart is relates to guiding him in the right direction.

Notably, Rodriguez discussed the work ethic involved in the game, reportedly telling Sanchez how to ensure that his muscle memory is locked in and ways in which to use repetitiveness to improve his game.

Sanchez (especially August Gary) is scary at the plate and is already a star in New York. This lunch seems to have given him all the tools he needs to take things to the next level.