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Seattle’s Guillermo Heredia got hit so hard with a pitch it sounded like the crack of a bat

His wrist probably isn’t feeling too great after that one.

Seattle Mariners v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The MarinersGuillermo Heredia got hit by a 94.2-mph fastball on Wednesday night, so hard that it sounded like the crack of a bat. In fact, the home plate umpire indeed thought it was his bat at first and called him out before letting him take his base.

Even though things looked bad, Heredia talked to a trainer for a few minutes but then stayed in the game and headed to first base.

After the inning was over, though, Heredia left the game — which in turn left the outfield even further diminished for Seattle. Earlier in the game, Robinson Cano was removed with tightness in his hamstring and the team DFA’d its other outfielder Leonys Martin only Wednesday morning in order to make room for David Phelps to come off the disabled list.

Heredia’s wrist is set to be re-evaluated after the game and more will be known then, but he was in brutal pain on the field and at the very least it can be expected that his wrist isn’t 100 percent for the time being.

All in all, not a great day for the Mariners’ outfielders. Maybe the rest of the healthy ones should go home and wrap themselves in bubble wrap until the clock strikes midnight. Just to be safe.