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Justin Verlander had the perfect response to the Yankees-Tigers bench-clearing brawls

He stayed out of things for the most part on the field.

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Justin Verlander may not have thrown a punch on Thursday afternoon when the Yankees and Tigers benches erupted in a series of all-out fights in multiple innings.

Verlander did almost get into with his own teammate Victor Martinez, but a fight didn’t actually take place and it was only a spat of words.

After everything was said and done — and the Tigers won — Verlander reacted on Twitter in the most perfect, and accurate, way possible.

Escalated quickly indeed. Anchorman gifs may be a little overdone on the internet these days, but when it fits it just fits. How can he be expected to turn down the opportunity to use the most aptly fitting gif just because the joke has been used a million times before?

A few players are going to get fined for the melees, and here Verlander is just sitting around tweeting gif reactions like someone who clearly wanted in on the punching fun but had enough willpower to stay out of it and escape without a suspension or a fine.