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MLB and MLBPA are jointly donating $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Part of the donation will reportedly be going to the Red Cross as well as other relief organizations.

Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas over the weekend, causing massive flooding and damage in the Houston metro area. The damage caused will take months, or more likely years, to recover from, and that’s the assessment before the rain has even stopped falling this week.

Relief efforts are already underway to shelter, feed, and care for those injured or evacuated in the storm, and they will presumably continue at full strength for the upcoming weeks and months as the city recovers.

Donations are pouring in from individuals and organizations big and small, and now the MLB and MLBPA have announced they will jointly contribute $1 million to various relief efforts to help with the damage in Texas.

Part of that money will reportedly go to the Red Cross, but there’s no confirmation right now of the exact breakdown of how much money is going to which organizations, or what other relief efforts might be receiving funds.

Harvey has already forced the Astros to play on the road for a significant amount of time due to the conditions in Houston, so this has hit close to home for baseball from the business side even before you consider the fans, supporters, and employees that call Houston home.

It’s a classy gesture that doesn’t need a list of reasons to rationalize why it was done in the first place, donating doesn’t need an explanation. MLB has a lot of ties in Texas and it’s great to see the league and MLBPA wasting no time in mobilizing to send money to various relief organizations that can help those in need as soon as possible.

The Rangers are also donating the proceeds from their 50/50 raffle from this weekend’s series against the Angels to the Red Cross as well.