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Matt Carpenter is donating $10,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief for every home run he hits

Hopefully Carpenter hits a ton of home runs for the rest of the year.

Arizona Diamondbacks v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

As Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel Houston and other areas of Southern Texas, various athletes and leagues have stepped up to donate funds towards relief efforts and organizations on the ground.

With MLB at the forefront of major sports leagues to be affected by the conditions in Texas, and many players sending good thoughts to their friends and families in the area, it’s no surprise that baseball players have the tragedy at the top of their minds and are thinking of ways to help.

St. Louis Cardinals player Matt Carpenter is one of those players, and has made the decision to donate $10,000 for every home run he hits from now through the end of the season.

Not only could that end up being a nice chunk of money, but it’s also a forward-thinking plan that will continue to send money to Houston long after the Hurricane Harvey aftermath leaves national news.

Carpenter has hit 17 home runs thus far this season, which puts him on pace for only four or five more before the season is over.

However, that still could mean $40-50,000 in donations with an opportunity for him to send much more should he go on a hot streak in September.

It’s a great gesture from Carpenter and hopefully he hits a lot of homers from now until the season ends.