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Chris Sale is the fastest pitcher to reach 1,500 career strikeouts

He didn’t stay at 1,500 for long, though, because he’s Chris Sale.

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

In only inning 1,290 of his career, Chris Sale reached 1,500 strikeouts. That pace makes him the fastest pitcher ever to make it to 1,500 career strikeouts.

He didn’t stay at just 1,500 long, though. He’s Chris Sale, so of course he came back in the third inning of the Red Sox’s game against the Blue Jays and struck out the side. We get it, we get it, you can strike people out!

His 1,500th strikeout came against Kevin Pillar, who only one night ago robbed Sale’s teammate Mookie Betts with a fantastic catch. Even if completely unintentional, that’s some nice revenge.

Sale now has 259 strikeouts on the season, the second-highest season total in his career after 2015’s 274-strikeout campaign with the Chicago White Sox. And this game is far from over, as is his outing if he keeps mowing batters down like this.

He might not have hit his career high in strikeouts yet but current K/9 is sitting at 12.8, a full strikeout above 2015’s 11.8. His strikeout-to-walk ratio is also impressive, currently at 7.23 as compared to 2015’s 6.52.

If his final starts of the regular season stay at this level, Sale will have a career-best year to boast in his first season with the Sox.