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Yu Darvish revealed his greatest regret in a full-page ad thanking Rangers fans

The latest Dodgers addition sent one last message of thanks to his fans in Texas.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Yu Darvish seems to be settling in with his new team in LA, preparing to make his first start for the Dodgers on Friday night. Before he wears Dodger Blue on the mound for the first time though, Darvish thanked the fans of his former team in a full-page ad.

Full-page thank you notes are par for the course at this point in sports, but as long as they are executed correctly and come off sincerely, it’s still worthwhile and a nice gesture.

Darvish’s ad thanking Rangers fans notes how he could have never adjusted to the environment change from Japan to the United States without their full support and that fans, teammates and team staff were always his top priority while with the team — despite what some may think about his overwhelming focus on getting strikeouts.

He also admits his “biggest regret” before leaving, which is that he gave up 10 runs in his last outing as a Ranger.

While it’s assuredly not the best game to go out on and that is gnawing on Darvish, hopefully Rangers fans are able to look past that final performance and fully appreciate his time with the team.